Dear Friends,

This website is under construction. I’ve grown and changed, and it’s time for the website to do the same. I still continue helping private and corporate clients stay effective as they change. I coach mid-career leaders on managing energy in order to achieve success on their own terms.

What would you like to see happen in your career? In life? Contact me at , and we’ll talk about making it happen. For updates and useful resources, please sign up for my monthly newsletter. Let’s stay in touch!

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WHAT  YOU GET as we work together:DontKnowByToniBlayFlickr

  • Finally feel heard
  • See more viable options by the end of each session than you did at the beginning
  • Feel easier about making a big decision
  • Understand how to create deep engagement at work and in life
  • Get a clear mirror to reflect on your personal and professional growth
  • Have a safe and supportive lab to articulate and test your ideas
  • Gain tools for making decisions, managing change, and building the life that supports your vision

I don’t just offer information, I offer results. Let’s get started!


  • 15 years of experience in Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching, both in corporate environment and private practice
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from NYU, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brandeis University.
  • Certified Life Coach with Martha Beck Inc., personally trained in 2004 by Dr. Martha Beck, Harvard-educated practitioner, best-selling author, and O’s monthly columnist.
  • Author of a #1 Amazon best-selling e-book helping analytical people understand intuition, Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition (2013), published with Difference Press.
  • Co-author of a book Changes of the Heart: Martha Beck Coaches Share Strategies for Facing Life Challenges (2009); Amazon’s best-selling list, #32.
  • I have an ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, build consensus, identify common goals, motivate people to change behavioral patterns and think creatively
  • I’ve custom-designed and delivered interactive programs for companies like Google, NYC’s Health & Hospitals Corporation (the largest municipal healthcare system in the country), American Council on Education, COJECO, NYC’s Small Business Solutions, AAHSA (American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging), and more, with projects ranging from one-on-one executive coaching and workshops for small teams to presentations for large international conferences.

I give clients tools for:

  • making decisions in alignment with their values
  • managing life changes
  • resolving complex work-related situations
  • facing tough personal choices
  • engaging in meaningful projects.

As a result of our collaboration, my clients build strong teams, get promotions, change jobs, start businesses, reinvigorate their personal lives, inspire whole organizations, and address challenges effectively. What would you like to see happen in  your life? Tell me!

 COACHING: Frequently Asked Questions

“What is coaching?”

Life Coaching is a process that helps you align your daily life with your values, and with a bigger vision that you have for yourself.

“What would we actually do during sessions?”

We will have in-depth dialogue about your life, and I will give you tools that you can use well beyond our sessions to determine what you really need and want, and what is truly the best path for you to make things happen.

“Do we meet in person or work by phone?”

My clients live and work all around the world, so we meet either over the phone, via Skype, or Google+ hangout.

“Do you give advice?”

I give you customized tools specific to your situation, so that you could do what you need to do, better and faster. The coach is not the person with all the answers, but rather with key questions that you may not dare to ask yourself, and with the skills to help you handle the answers.

“How many sessions would I need to resolve my situation?”

While some challenges can be resolved within one to three sessions, other situations can take several months to play out. Some clients prefer one or two “tune-up” sessions, while others like ongoing support of a coach as they are working on different aspects of their lives over time. If you send me an email to , briefly outlining your challenge, I’ll make a customized recommendation about the time frame based on your situation.

“I’m ready to work with you. Where do I start?”

1. Send a brief email to me at , and give me an idea of what you’d like to see happen in your life, and what your challenge is in making it happen. (All emails are confidential. I’m the only one reading my emails, and I will not share your information with anyone). I will respond with a proposed strategy to accomplish your goal, as well as make a recommendation for the number of sessions I believe we may need. “Great! “, you will say, and move to step 2 to book a session.

2. Go to this page and purchase that package that we agreed is the best fit for your situation. After you pay, a link to my calendar will come up in the PayPal window. Click on it, pick the time that works best for your fist session, and I will connect with you at that time. As you schedule, let me know whether your prefer to work via phone, Skype, or Google+ hangout, and share your corresponding contact info.

3. I’ll email you with some preliminary homework for our session, so that we’re both prepared to hit the ground running when we talk. Be prepared to do more great things in your life!

“I want a free consultation to decide whether we’re a good match. Do you do that?”

I’m happy to schedule a complimentary 15-minute exploration session to help us determine if I’m the right person to support you. Send a brief email to with the subject “Free 15-min Consultation”, and share 1) what you’d like to see happen in your life, 2) a couple of days/times that would work for you for the 15-minute consult, and 3) the phone number at which I can reach you during those times. I’ll respond, confirming the date & time, and call you at the time that we agree upon. Please, NOTE: this consultation is not a coaching session, but rather, a conversation about what you need, and how I can support you in that.

“Is coaching right for me?”

To understand whether coaching is right for you, consider the following questions:

  • Is there a gap between the life/career/relationship that you have and the one that you want?
  • Are you ready to open up and get support as you explore your life’s options?
  • Are you willing to make an investment into the support and structure that life coaching provides?
  • Are you a person who is generally psychologically healthy?

If you answer “yes” to all of the questions above, coaching is likely to be a good resource for you.

“What can coaching really do for me?”

  • Finally give you an opportunity to talk about you: your goals, your hopes, your struggles, your gifts
  • Provide a safe, creative environment for brainstorming and goal-setting
  • Empower you to think big, get a fresh perspective, and act on your best ideas
  • Support you as you reinvent yourself



You are an expert in your field, brilliant at what you do. You’re introspective, and capable. You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and it feels normal. Somewhere between your amazing achievements, though, you lost your drive, your gusto for life and work. Something feels missing, but you don’t know what it is. It is my job to help you find It – deep engagement and meaningful work.

Left-brainer, engineer, introvert, high-achiever

Perhaps you

  • Want to be more motivated
  • Believe that there’s something better out there for you, even though you’re great at what you do
  • Set the bar high for yourself, but don’t feel the “high” when you reach it
  • Need practical solutions
  • Want to create something meaningful
  • Want to amplify who you are rather than change who you are
  • Have a powerful public image, but in private, often question yourself

I get it. Because my expertise (and my gift) is in helping clients address these exact situations. You probably have a few things in common with my clients who are often:

  • Well-educated professionals, successful by a large definition, but not fulfilled
  • Left-brainers who solve problems quickly and creatively
  • High achievers and perfectionists
  • Type As
  • Top of the class
  • Top of the game
  • Labeled as “high potential”
  • Got everything that one “should” get in order to be fulfilled, yet it doesn’t feel right

You are probably used to doing things for yourself. Asking for help is not a part of your deal. If you want to grow, though, you need a new deal. So, read my blog, look at what we can do together, tell me your story, ask your question. Let’s talk.