As the Ball Drops…

by Alina on December 31, 2015

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Dear friends,

As you mark the new 2016, I wish you a peaceful, joyful, inspiring, insightful, and healthy year.

I am thankful for our connection, and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your life. Please, know that you are a part of mine, too. I read all of your emails, I do a celebration dance for each of your successes, I feel for you and I am here for you when things don’t go so well, and I root for you as you reach new heights.

During this New Year, as you watch the ball drop on Times Square, or on TV, or follow whatever tradition you follow to mark the new year, please remember 3 of the best things that happened to you in 2015. I know the year was a mixed bag for some of us. Still, what were some of its brightest stars? What made 2015 worth the time for you?

For me, I’ll always remember 2015 for seeing Gaudi’s work in Barcelona for the very first time, incredible new friendships that formed this year, and a work-related dream come true: teaching programs on intuition both at Google and at The New York Open Center in the same month. Would you please send me a quick note with your favorite things from 2015? I’m at .

As you make a wish for 2016, consider experimenting with this: instead of focusing on specific events that you’d like to see happen, or things that you’ll like to do or to get, what if you embody the feeling that you’d like to experience in 2016? Embody feeling at your optimal health, a heartwarming presence of people who love you, a caring feeling when you’re with people you love, excitement and awe from seeing/experiencing something beautiful and new, a sense of deep connection, an “aha” experience. Even for that one moment when the ball drops, feel all of those things as if all the experiences leading up to your sensation have already happened. By doing this, you’re setting a destination, a vision for yourself, and a path leading up to the vision will inevitably follow.

May even your wildly improbable dreams come into being in 2016, feeding your body, mind, heart and soul!

Happy 2016!

With love and gratitude,


Alina Bas, M.A., Executive Coach & Life Strategist
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