My Kindle book, “SKEPTIC’S GUIDE TO INTUITION” is published! 

Skeptic's Guide to Intuition

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Have you ever made a brilliant decision based on a gut feeling, without having access to all the necessary information? Could that be just luck? Is it wise to listen to your gut feeling, since the science behind intuition is still lacking?

Alina Bas, a left-brainer and a trained intuitive, guides skeptics through scientific and anecdotal evidence of intuition, separating useful practices from illusions. She takes a down-to-earth approach to exploring intuition without resorting to the supernatural. From this book, you will learn:

  • Why you should care about intuition, no matter what you think of anyone’s psychic ability
  • What Uri Geller, Wolf Messing, and Sylvia Brown really have to do with intuition
  • Why it has been difficult to reliably study intuition , and how scientific research is now catching up
  • Reasons why intuitives are often wrong, and how this can be changed
  • Ways to tell when your gut feeling is right
  • How left-brainers and skeptical inquirers can use intuition to make their lives safer, happier, and more interesting without fundamentally changing their belief system

Alina takes the veil of mystery off intuition, helping skeptics make the most of their hunches without crossing into the mystical.

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WEBINAR: Workshop Design in a Nutshell

This crash course is the ultimate no-nonsense practical guide to designing brilliant workshops.
It is based on my 10+ years of experience in corporate Training & Development.
This course is for coaches, engineers, IT experts, lawyers, designers, finance professionals, architects and other professionals who need to share their expertise with a group of clients or colleagues in a smart, concise manner. Learn how to:

●   Address psychological aspects of workshop preparation
●   Find a perfect topic
●   Understand your audience
●   Establish clear goals and agenda
●   Expertly gauge timing and material volume
●   Structure a memorable presentation
●   Ensure sparkling delivery
●   Get glowing evaluations
Time: 1 hour
Investment: $150

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WEBINAR: Make Great Decisions and Generate Creative Ideas by Changing Your Story

How do stories that we tell influence the way we make decisions and generate ideas?  Through examples and experiments, learn to: 
●   Turn “I don’t know” into awesome ideas
●   Act effectively when “people don’t approve”
●   Make decisions under the circumstances that “should be different”
Time: 1 hour

Investment: $99


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BOOK: Changes of the Heart: Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Facing Life Challenges 

Changes of the Heart, co-authored by Martha Beck Certified coaches including myself, is a delicious book that gives readers a taste of coaching. The book helps readers face life’s challenges such as parenting, decision-making, weight management, loss and grief, difficult co-workers and much more. My chapter is called Practical Guide to Making Good Choices.