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“Alina delivered an effective and practical presentation with wonderful energy and great structure.” - Executive Coach, Martha Beck Coaching Convention, Colorado

I speak on a variety of topics related to personal growth, career development, motivation, team dynamics, creating powerful and fulfilling work and life experiences. Contact me to have me speak at your group’s next gathering.

I can custom-design a presentation for you or speak on any of the following topics:

  • Get Un-stuck: Dare to Put Your Work into the World
  • Decision-Making without Regrets
  • Workaholics’ Guide to Becoming Peaceful and Powerful
  • Wish Materialization Engineering
  • Turning “Not Good Enough” Into “Brilliant”

… and more.  Please see details below:

Get Un-stuck: Dare to Put Your Work into the World

Learn to:

● Get clear on what you want to create in the world
● Find strength, energy and resources to make big changes in your life
● Overcome psychological barriers when starting a new venture or making a life change
● Meaningfully measure success
● Mobilize a supportive community
● Create your work in the world.

Decision-Making without Regrets

"Alina brings a great energy and infectious passion to her presentations. Her presentation to the board was intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring. As a speaker, she does a fantastic job of being flexible and delivering a polished presentation no matter what is going on. I look forward to having her back as a speaker." -Michael Trollan, Founder, Manhattan Board of Advisors

This presentation outlines a 5-step systematic approach to making a decision without regrets. As a result, you will get closer to what you want to accomplish in life, and regardless of the outcome, looking back at the decision you will always know that you made the best decision at the time.

Workaholic’s Guide to Becoming Peaceful and Powerful

“If I am so smart and successful, why am I not happy?!” This workshop will help type-A high achievers figure out how to evaluate their worth, how to feel needed without being overextended, how to influence the world powerfully while minimizing stress, and how to separate myths from fiction when it comes to succeeding at work and in life.

Wish Materialization Engineering

This presentation addresses ways to evaluate what it really takes to make your dream come true. Learn to assess your current resources, secure the resources still needed to make your dream come true, and create a supportive community that will see you through the process of getting exactly what you dream up.

Turning “Not Good Enough” Into “Brilliant”

How do you get to your best level of performance? Through examples & experiments, learn to:

●   Define your “Brilliant”
●   Establish clear and motivating measures of success
●   Turn self-criticism into constructive ideas
●   Be kind to yourself without lowering your standards
●   Explore what’s not good enough about “brilliant” & what’s brilliant about “not good enough”
●   Understand and use the connection between your vulnerability and your brilliance

The duration of each presentation can range from a 20-min keynote to a 3-hr workshop, depending on your time frame and needs of your audience. To discuss potential topics that aren’t listed, or, to book me as a speaker for your next meeting, please contact me.



Presentation Demo from Alina Bas on Vimeo.

This is a partial clip of a presentation that I gave in March of 2010 to a group of 30 NYC entrepreneurs. The goal of the 5-minute presentation was to introduce the participants to my work and give them a taste of coaching.