Dear Friends,

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“Well-done, well-presented, and dare I say, head and shoulders above the workshops previously given by others in the organization.”

– Geraldine Cresci, Director of Nursing, Gouverneur Healthcare Services, HHC

 “Alina did an outstanding job with the cultural competency training for the staff. I greatly enjoyed the training. I thought I was well familiar with the material that Alina was going to present, but I must say that I learned a number of things from her. She delivered an engaging and energetic program.”

— Dr. Felix Santiago, Director, Department of Pediatrics, Gouverneur Healthcare Services, NYC HHC

“Alina shared a unique perspective on managing psychological barriers, perfectly tailoring her presentation to fit the needs of NYC entrepreneurs in our audience.”

– Manuel Dominguez, Account Manager, NYC Business Solutions

 “Alina is an impressive facilitator and a strong executive coach with a remarkable ability to build consensus.”

– Vivian Sun, MS, RD, CDN, Director, Organizational & Staff Development, SMHN HHC

Leah “Alina is an amazing listener. She doesn’t just listen to what you are saying, she listens to the underlying issues and what you are truly feeling. She understands you and where you need to be going next. She is your biggest fan, and your most energetic cheerleader. Call Alina when you’re stuck. I promise, one phone call and you won’t be stuck anymore.”

– Leah H., Business Owner, NJ

TreeByBark“Alina is someone who can help you clear your head of all of the static and naysaying in your mind. She will coach you to think with a clean mind and help reach the potential you think you don’t have. Whether it be advancing in your career, helping you figure out how to start that business you have always dreamed about or just find inner peace with the struggles you are going through– Alina is the person to turn to. She has a great sense of humor, is very kind, but doesn’t let you wiggle out of what you’ve hired her to do which is finding the possibilities that are out there for you.” 

– Denise M., New York

PathGroundsForSculpture“Effective and practical presentation with wonderful energy and great structure.”

– Executive Coach, Martha Beck Coaching Convention, Colorado

“Insightful, charming, clients love her.”

– John Sanders, former CEO and President, The Learning Partnership Inc.

“Well, I’ve always thought of you as having me ask the hard questions of myself. Don’t know if that would help your marketing or scare away the meek! Keep up the good work!”

– J.M., MD, NY