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Managing Energy in Stressful Situations 

(1.5 hour interactive workshop, with hands-on exercises and Q&A)

How do you respond when you experience information overload, competing priorities, pressure of a demanding job, complicated family dynamics, or challenging relationships? Do you ever become aggravated, overwhelmed, or completely drained in response to stress? Maintaining a peaceful, powerful presence during the difficult times is a practice and a skill. During this workshop, we will discuss strategies for:

  • Managing our own energy in order to be less affected by stressful situationsPersonal Power
  • Remaining empathetic without giving away our energy
  • Being a healing presence for people who rely on you for strength in difficult times
  • Remaining peaceful around difficult people who seem drain your energy
  • Establishing a mindset for bringing healing energy to stressful situations
  • Experimenting with techniques for healing situations, our bodies, and relationships by effectively managing our personal energy

DATE & TIME: Sunday, January 31st, 5-:6:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Arina Baranova Studio, 35-16 Ferry Hts, Fair Lawn,NJ 07410

REGISTRATION: PLEASE, NOTE that registration for this event is has been CLOSED. Thank you for your interest, and hope to see you in the following programs!

COST: $20

CONTACT: or (917) 208-8094

About the Presenter: Alina Bas, M.A., is a Certified Executive Coach, professional intuitive, and #1 best-selling author of the book Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition. She has over 12 years of corporate experience in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, and workshop facilitation. Ms. Bas has a private coaching practice in the greater NYC area. Connect with her at


Healing Skills for Everyday Living. 1.5 hour workshop. Fair Lawn, NJ. December, 2016. Healing

There are many ways to be a healer. During this workshop, gain practical, hands-on skills to be a healer through using energy, attention, and your presence.

Together we will:

  • Talk about the nature of energy in and around us.
  • Talk about what it means to be a healer, and how anyone can become a healer in various situations
  • Practice setting a healing intention and connect with a positive outcome without feeling attachment
  • Practice applying healing energy to situations that could use resolution, healing for reduced pain perception, overall wellness, and relaxation.
  • Experiment with a group healing, where each participant can use group energy for healing.
  • This program is not about learning woo-woo, but rather, about to bring peaceful, healing energy to a challenging situations.

Applied Intuition. A 5- week workshop series on the nature of intuition, and its practical applications. Oct.-Nov. 2015. The New York Open Center. Keys

Nature of Intuition & Creativity. 1-hour lunchtime talk. Google, NYC office. October 2015.

Can you train your intuition to deliver on cue creative insights for complex problems? Can you create conditions for your intuition to reliably bring forth creative solutions? By linking academic research on intuition and creativity with its practical applications, this innovative talk will give you a creativity boost and explore daily practices for efficient problem-solving.DontKnowByToniBlayFlickr

During this 1-hr talk, the presenter will:

  • Introduce scientific basis for the connection between intuition and creativity
  • Outline strategies for generating and capitalizing on “aha!” moments
  • Explore ways to translate gut feeling into creative, practical solutions
  • Increase self-awareness and build confidence in your insights
  • Increase comfort level in making decisions in complex and ambiguous situations
  • Answer participants’ questions about the nature of intuition and creativity

The Myths and Science of Intuition. 1.5 hour talk. Fair  Lawn, NJ. October 2015.

Career Mapping for Parents: Strategies for Creating, Finding and Doing Meaningful Work. 1.5 hour workshop on balancing parenting and career transitions. NJ, 2015

Survival Guide for Introverted Parents. 2-hour workshop to help introverted parents remain sane and loving parents while facing the unique challenge of parenting as introverts.


NEW!!! RETREATIntuition & Decision-Making: Use Your Gut Response to Make Better Decisions.
When: May 1st-3rd, 2015
Where: Garrison Institute, upstate New York, 1 hour from NYC
For more info, please visit .
Two informational Q&A calls about the retreat are scheduled for Wed., Jan. 7th, 9-10 p.m. EST, and Thu., Jan. 8th, 12-1 p.m. EST. To RSVP, please email with your preferred date/time. If you RSVP, but can’t make the call, the recording of the call will be emailed to you.
Early Bird Registration Rate is applicable through Jan. 1, 2015 – please take advantage! Ready to register?



Tue. March 17th, 12-1 p.m. EST. Private teleclass for MBI coaches. Log-in required.


Series of 3 teleclassess, 1.5 hours each. Tue. 3/24, Wed. 3/25, and Thu. 3/26, 12-1:30 p.m. EST $89 for the whole series. Are you curious about the nature of intuition? Would you like to understand how to use your intuition without giving up logic and reason? In this workshop, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about intuition from practicing intuitives and academic researchers in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and business. I’ll describe some of the tools that I use in my intuition practice, and discuss questions like: Is intuition a gift or a skill? Can someone really heal or curse you? Is there a way to protect yourself from so-called “bad energy”? Can intuition ever be wrong? Is there any scientific evidence for intuition beyond the brain function? Time-permitting, I’ll do demos of intuitive readings for the call participants. If you’re curious why this program is so ridiculously affordable, I’ll tell you upfront: I hope you will learn enough to want to learn more, and join me for the Intuition & Decision-Making Retreat. I promise to spend zero time up-selling, so no worries. REGISTRATION is open through Fri., March 20th. REGISTRATION LINK WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE BY FRIDAY, 3/6. In the meantime, you can email me at to save your spot.

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Career Mapping: Strategies for Creating, Finding and Doing Meaningful Work.

Series of 3 teleclassess, 1.5 hours each.  Mon. 3/23, Tue., 3/24, and Wed. 3/25, 9-10:30 p.m.EST. $89 for the whole series. Traditional vs. modern career mapping; creating an inspiring vision; figuring out what holds you back and how to go around those blocks; get a glimpse of the future; create habits for success. Includes practical, fresh strategies, exercises, and on-the-spot coaching, time-permitting. Why, you may ask, is this amazing program so affordable? Because I hope it will inspire you to join me in “The Journey” VIP program, which just got an upgrade and a makeover. (Zero time will be spent up-selling, though). REGISTRATION is open through Fri., March 20th. To save your spot, please use the PayPal button below.

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2012, 2013 and 2014 were filled with workshops and presentations, ranging from a program for Google in NYC, “Wish Materialization Engineering” to a workshop for American Council on Education, “Fearless Career Mapping”. Some of my most recent projects were teaching a workshop on listening at a retreat for families, and a series of  workshops “Intuition for Skeptics and Left-Brainers”.

Please e-mail me at if you are looking for an experienced, inspiring and knowledgeable presenter for your program.


WEBINAR:  “Workshop Design in a Nutshell”

  • Find a perfect topic for your workshop
  • Assess the needs of the audience for delivering maximum value
  • Establish clear goals for the workshop
  • Create an agenda that supports your goals
  • Expertly gauge timing material volume
  • Structure presentation to be memorable
  • Use the right delivery channels for right- and left-brainers in the audience
  • Ensure sparkling delivery
  • Bells, whistles, and glowing evaluations

Duration: 1 hour
Date: Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Location: Virtual.  Recording is available HERE.
Please contact me to bring this program to your organization,  or purchase a recording here.

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WEBINAR: “Make Great Decisions and Generate Creative Ideas by Changing Your Story”

How do stories that we tell influence the way we make decisions and generate ideas? Through examples and experiments, learn to:

  • Turn “I don’t know” into awesome ideas
  • Act effectively when “people don’t approve”
  • Make decisions under the circumstances that “should be different”
  • Explore what you are really cut out to do

Duration: 1 hour
Date: April 12, 2011
Location: Virtual.
Please contact me to bring this program to your organization, or purchase a recording here.

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WEBINAR: “Decision-Making without Regrets”

  • Determine what a “good decision” looks like
  • Master a 5-step systematic approach to making a big decision
  • Use newly acquired tools for making a decision that brings you closer to the life you want to live.

Duration: 1 hour
Date: May 25, 2011
Location: Virtual
Please contact me to bring this program to your organization.

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Turning “Not Good Enough” Into “Brilliant”, Google, New York, NY. December 16, 2011

“Make Great Decisions and Generate Creative Ideas by Changing Your Story”
Google, New York, NY. April 2011

Dare to Put Your Work into the World: Overcoming Psychological Blocks in Life and Business.
Manhattan Board of Advisors, New York, NY. January 2011

“Who Do You Think You Are?!” Finding Inner Strength for Your Entrepreneurial Ventures.
NYC Center for Business Solutions, New York, NY. December 2010


I’d love to come and talk to the people in your group. Please see more info here.